Bity Booker is an Italian/Australian folk singer and illustrator based in London. Her songs are mostly voice and classical guitar with a few whimsical touches such as bells, musical saw, and sparrow sounds, but the effect is mystical, mainly due to Bity's precise, hypnotic fingerpicking style and elastic voice.

Her music brings subtle strains of the 1960s psychedelic magic and genuine and original storytelling. Be prepared to delve deep into Bity Booker’s musical world and listen to fantastic stories, each song a character with a timeless personality and melody.

Bity Booker graduated from Art School in Italy and completed her university degree in Italy and postgraduate studies in Australia. In 2018 she started illustrating her songs and self published ‘The Mouse Song’. In August 2020 she released her second self published song book ‘Parrots in London’. She creates colourful folky illustrations with a dreamy and naive feel. Her favourite medium is watercolour pencil and she loves creating art prints.



"Bity’s soaring, melodic singing voice was belied by the softness of her spoken introductions and the gentle, rhythmical chords of her guitar. We were invited to join in with her ‘mouse song’ and were highly entertained by all three songs, not least by the absurdities of the juxtapositions in her lyrics and the humour she evoked through her pure voice and wide-eyed animated delivery. The connection she had with the audience made her performance one of the highlights of the evening."  Elinor Jones, The Mechanics’ Intitute Review

"The vibes on this EP are that of the subtle strains of the psychedelic that can be felt as the sun warms a pastoral landscape, driving away the morning mist from the fields and hollows."  The Modern Folk of America

“Extraordinary, the one, the only Bity Booker. She is a truly magical singer and guitar player, with a great personality and some brilliant self-penned songs.”  Mondegreen Folk Club, London UK

“Bity Booker has a hypnotic playing style and bewitching voice that will leave you entranced." Chandelier Room Melbourne, Australia

“Vashti Bunyan meets Joanna Newson in an excellently original melting pot of folk roots and psychedelic whimsy." Goldmine Social Club, London UK

“Alt-folk with an healthy dash of quirk, there is a little bit of Joan Baez hiding in there, and maybe also some Ane Brun and Edie Brickwell." Chris Karousel Music, London UK