Bity Booker is a quirky folk singer, she performs with classical guitar and voice. With stories about a mouse, a sparrow, stars, trees and birds, each song is a character with a timeless personality and melody. Bity performs her own songs as well as songs from the Australian, English and American folk tradition.

Bity grew up in a big isolated house in the Italian countryside in an artistic family with many animals, including horses, dogs, cats and tortoises Giuseppe and Billabong. Her father is an Australian sculptor and her mother an Art teacher at high school in Italy. She started singing at an early age in choirs and at school. She joined her first band aged thirteen and sung in rock and metal bands before going solo. Bity did not receive a formal musical training but she learnt to play guitar in order to accompany her voice.

After graduating in Italy, she moved alone to Australia where she started to perform in venues as a solo musician. She played her first solo gig to her housemate Philippa and her cat Ginger in 2011 in an empty bar in Brisbane. Since then she never stopped performing her original songs and played hundreds of gigs in Australia and Europe. In 2012 she released a self-produced EP "See you @ Elephant Tree" limited to 500 vinyl copies, it features an illustrated cover artwork designed by Bity. Each song of the EP was recorded in one take at Damien Gerard Studio in Sydney using the MCI JH24 two-inch tape. In 2013, Bity Booker travelled to the UK and settled in London. She performed live regularly in folk clubs like Mondegreen Folk Club and Folk in the Cellar as well as most of the music venues and folk nights in London. In September 2014 she started organising her own shows in London in venues like Servant Jazz Quarters, The Betsey Trotwood, The Ivy House. The shows were popular and the stage was decorated with leaves and fairytale plants. She also toured in Italy, Germany and Denmark.

In February 2016, Bity travelled to Melbourne to perform her new music (and visit the wombats and cockatoos). She became a regular at the folk clubs in Victoria and learnt numerous Australian folk songs inspired by the music of the Australian folk singers of the 1960s (especially Glen Tomasetti). In July 2016, Bity Booker released a new EP called “Mr Sparrow and Bright Star”  on her label Miss Freak Folk Records. The EP was celebrated with gigs in Europe and in Australia. In January 2017 Bity played at the beautiful Woodford Folk Festival in Australia. She is currently based in London where she is planning her new recording and performing at the folk clubs. ♫

"The vibes on this EP are that of the subtle strains of the psychedelic that can be felt as the sun warms a pastoral landscape, driving away the morning mist from the fields and hollows."  The Modern Folk of America

“Extraordinary, the one, the only Bity Booker. She is a truly magical singer and guitar player, with a great personality and some brilliant self-penned songs.”  Mondegreen Folk Club, London UK

“Bity Booker has a hypnotic playing style and bewitching voice that will leave you entranced." Chandelier Room Melbourne, Australia

“Vashti Bunyan meets Joanna Newson in an excellently original melting pot of folk roots and psychedelic whimsy." Goldmine Social Club, London UK

“Alt-folk with an healthy dash of quirk, there is a little bit of Joan Baez hiding in there, and maybe also some Ane Brun and Edie Brickwell." Chris Karousel Music, London UK