Get in touch for music bookings and illustration enquiries at

FAQ Illustrations

Do you accept illustration commissions?
I would love to hear more about your project. Please send your brief to: and we can discuss the details.

What do you use to make your illustrations?
I am a traditional illustrator, I use watercolour pencils. All my illustrations are hand drawn.

Do you sell your art work?
Yes, my art prints and originals are available on my Etsy shop: BityBookerArtShop.
The prints are made using FSC Certified 100% recycled and uncoated paper.
I ship my orders in an environmentally friendly way using sustainable materials.

FAQ Music

Where can I purchase your music?
I sell my music via Bandcamp. I am currently working on my next release.

Can I book you to play at my venue/festival/house gig?
Yes, please contact me at:

What is your set up?
I perform solo, using classical guitar and voice. I can perform unplugged if the room is small.
For bigger venues, I use two microphones, one for my guitar and one for my vocals.
Otherwise, one good condenser microphone for both voice and guitar.