1st January Woodford Folk Festival Australia

26th February Mondegreen Folk Club London

13th March Green Note London

19th March  The Breathing Room Tooting London

23th March Loughton Folk Club

29th March Caravan Arts at Telegraph Hill London

4th April Stop Look Listen at The Finsbury Pub London

19th April Starry starry night at The Star  London

20th April Off the cuff Herne Hill  London

26th May Once upon a mic Upstairs at the Castle Aldgate

27th May Acoustic Session Rainham Kent

3rd June Mill Race Folk Social Bedford

4th June Softly softly Crouch End London

15th June BBC Music Day at Turnstyle Records Streatham London

1st July Rookfest by Turnstyle Records Streatham London

26th July For Books' Sake London

12th August Here comes the sun Festival Reading

26th August Private secret party London

30th August A Collection of Folk St Giles in the fields Soho

17th September Acoustic Folk Highway The Harrison London

4th October Folk in the Owls Nest Gwdihw Cardiff

6th October The Big Comfy Bookshop Coventry



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